The GRÅBRODERN ambition is to offer and create relevant high quality products, with a big focus on design, handcraft and attention down to the smallest detail. 

This small premium store came into life during 2020, opening its doors in July.

We partner up with small local sourcing, whenever possible,  to ensure really high level quailty.  All the way from the yarn of the material, to the making of the garment.

Our ethos focuses on promoting local materials; creating awareness on 'where' and 'how' the garments are made. 


Foto: Magdalena Björnsdotter



The Denim Guru Söderlund have spent all his life in the high end Denim industry, globally. 

  •  - Söderlund was on the first Global Levi's team when creating the Levis Vintage Clothing collections back in 1999. The LVC collection paved the way for the current vintage-inspired denim boom.

  •  - He was also the creative design-force behind the start of the quality Japanese brand Edwin in Europe in the mid 00's.

  •  - Söderlund is also the Founder and creative vision behind Indigofera Jeans.  Establishing his iconic design style and quality product focus as the foundation of the brand, he was responsible for both concept creation and design of Indigofera jeans in it's first 6 years. 

Finally now the time came for a new quality project of love called GRÅBRODERN. 

We look forward seeing the first pieces from the new brand being phased in during 2022.